Hopi Direct Hopi Ear Aromatherapy Candles, 5 Pairs
Hopi Direct Hopi Ear Aromatherapy Candles, 5 Pairs

Hopi Direct Hopi Ear Aromatherapy Candles 5 Pairs

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Hopi Direct’s Aromatherapy ear candles are organic and natural, providing aromatherapy oils to enhance the treatment. Some of the soothing scents available are Lavender, Rose, Orange, Bergamot, Rosemary and Tea Tree. These candles come in packs ranging from 1 pair, to 50 pairs, and have a natural sponge filter which is CE approved to prevent debris and wax from going back into the ear.

When using this effective method of treatment, it’s important to have the highest quality and best designed ear candles. Hopi Direct ensures this by producing their candles with the bare minimum of ingredients, to not effect any sensitive skin conditions of clients. Each candle contains organic natural cotton, natural sponge filter, natural triple filtered beeswax, and the essential aromatherapy oil only.

Hopi Direct has grown a quality reputation, because all their ear candles are handmade in their own factory and undergo thorough quality assessments. Also, customers have helped them grow, knowing Hopi Direct is the only place to ensure the selection and organic quality they desire. Their ear candles also come with protector discs and a safety strip, in order to ensure treatment is safe and effective.