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Rea Tape's Yoga mats  are specially fabricated mats (PU and Rubber) are used to prevent hands and feet slipping during yoga or exercise. 

What is a RT Yoga Mat.

A yoga mat is a floor cover that is used for multiple reasons. A typical yoga mat is designed according to your height with an assurance that you can practice all sorts of yoga methods like backward positioning, seated poses, and meditate while lying. A mat is a modern age replacement of cloth or natural cushioning material used by ancient yogis while performing Yoga.


4 Benefits of Yoga Mat

Use of a yoga mat during the practice is helpful for your health, directly or indirectly. Yoga mat being your first assistant in a yoga class takes care of many things that help you to correct your body posture, and avoid many severe physical conditions.

  • 1. Yoga Mat Benefits in Ease of Movement

The soft and thick rubbery material also assists you to stay comforted while you put pressure on your knees, ankles, and heels during a specific seated pose like butterfly and lotus pose. Without a mat, you cannot perform these kinds of poses for an extended period. You need to hold every position for at least a minute, without a yoga mat, your body parts connected with the ground, irritates earlier than the given time.

You can comfortably switch your position from one pose to another with the help of a Yoga Mat. The surface gets covered with a padded rug to help you release a particular posture and prepare for the next step instantly.

  • 2. Yoga Mat saves your Energy

A yoga mat is made of a thermal insulator polyvinyl that conserves your Energy by preventing your body from touching the ground. This Energy is vital as your body activates different parts and points using the vital life force circling inside your mechanism. Yoga is all about utilizing the stored and deactivated Energy and supply it to various body parts.

The life force, according to the yogic concepts, does all the magic when you perform yogic methods like pranayama, mudras, and yogic kriya, this life force circulates in several places simultaneously. However, in the absence of a yoga mat, you are unable to utilize the vital power because it may flow downwards to the ground.

  • 3. Stability and Balance - More Benefits of Yoga Mat

While arching and spreading your body on the surface, you are more at risk of slipping an/d skidding. This may also lead to injuries and improper posture formation. A yoga mat offers you a much better grip while practicing and perfects your postures. Don’t imagine what your poses can turn into on uneven surfaces, the impact of a stretch may reverse and turns into a painful experience rather than a mindful practice.

This reason is enough to let you decide to go for a yoga mat or not. You can attain every pose with much stability and improvisation comfortably. Yoga mats arriving in the market these days have a sticky channel to grip the surface to allow you balance as you go from one asana to the other.

  • 4. Yoga Mat is your morale igniter

At last, apart from the physical benefits, your yoga can is also your inspiration booster. Every time you look at your yoga mat, it reminds you that you must continue Yoga. Wherever you go, carry it to keep reminding yourself. Once you unroll your yoga mat, it becomes a devotion to have your space and make purposeful use of it.