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My story About becoming a Massage Specialist...

My story starts back in 1997 with my first born son. He was born with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy which means he had a lack of body movement.
I was encouraged by the nurses on Gosset Ward, Northampton to give him massage therapy and a bit of physio. So I did my best for him, until one day a nurse Lisa watched me from a distance. Which, I did not notice until I finished what I was doing. When I turned she asked me if she could have a chat with me in the office. Only to find out that she had studied to be a masseuse, she told me I have a natural talent for the art of massage.
This is an image of Alfie Tatnell ACG Massage treating a customer UK
It was Lisa who encouraged me to do a introductory course for massage therapy. From that day, I have now completed many courses in many different areas of the industry.
So, I have a lot to thank the nurses of Gosset Ward, Jennifer Trust for SMA and my son Callum for showing me I have a very special skill with my hands and now I am a full time Masseur.
This is an image of Alfie from ACG Massage with Dame Kelly Holmes at The London Marathon UK